Starting Times

Provisional Timetable

Changes may be made to the schedule of events after the Final nomination depending on the number of lifters finally entered at this Final nomination. Changes of the timetable are possible by the amount of nominations after the Final nomination and at the Technical Meeting.

Day Weigh-in time Classes Start End cca
Thu, 14 Sept 9:00-10:30 Women Classic -47kg to +57kg 11:00 13:45
12:00-13:30 Men Classic -59kg to -93kg 14:00 17:30
16:00-17:30 Women Classic -63kg to +84kg 18:00 21:30
Fri, 15 Sept 09:00-10:30 Men Classic -105kg to +120kg 11:00 13:00
12:00-13:30 Women equipped -47kg to -57kg 14:00 15:30
16:00-17:30 Men equipped -59kg to -93kg 18:00 21:00
Sat, 16 Sept 08:00-09:30 Women equipped -63kg to +84kg 10:00 12:45
11:30-13:00 Men equipped -105kg to +120kg 13:30 16:30

Opening ceremony

Thursday, 14 September at 13:00 hour at the venue.
One representatives (either one lifter or one official) from each participating country shall take part at the Ceremony.

Technical Meeting

Wednesday 13 September at 20.00 hours at Hotel Ibis.